phpEnv is an elegant and powerful php integrated development environment

phpEnv is an elegant and powerful php integrated development environment

There are many php integrated development environments, such as phpstudy, wamp, xmapp, etc., each with its own advantages and disadvantages. This article is not a detailed comparison and evaluation of the use and debugging of each IDE, because each IDE provides Similar functions, but different in details. The phpStudy package integrates the latest Apache+PHP+MySQL+phpMyAdmin+Zend Loader, one-time installation, and can be used without configuration. It is a very convenient and easy-to-use PHP debugging environment. . The program is only 13M green, compact and simple, and has a dedicated control panel. In short, only one package is needed to learn PHP. However, after a major loophole in phpstudy recently broke the backdoor, I believe many people are looking for alternatives. Here is a recommendation for everyone, hoping to be helpful to everyone's reference and choice:

The interface of phpEnv software is super high, simple and elegant, completely green, no need to install vc environment, fresh and refined in the same software.

Breaking through the port restrictions, there is an administrator mode to release the Windows Service service port occupation.

Run service error prompts, quickly locate errors and improve development efficiency.

Comes with a software store, PHP and MySQL versions have everything, as well as Redis and other tools.

Powerful site management, configure different PHP versions for each website, coexistence of websites with different PHP versions, visually configure https, etc.

Simple, elegant yet powerful software settings greatly improve development efficiency.

Powerful cmd command line, no need for you to configure environment variables tediously.

Visualize the TCP port process list, powerful functions, and quickly check the port monitoring status.

Comparable with phpstudy and compared with wamp,

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